SerialWatch v2.0

Welcome to SerialWatch Personal Asset Manager.  SerialWatch is used to record the serial numbers of personal effects and household items such as cameras, calculators, videos, cars, computers, or anything you want.  The usually reason for recording serial numbers is in case of thief and for insurance claims.  Handy for travelling and also at home.


Only $US 9.95

SerialWatch v2.0 includes a Palm Hotsync conduit for MS Windows (95,98, NT)  that converts records on the Palm into a comma separated value (csv) file on the PC desktop.  CSV files can be read by text editors, spreadsheets and database programs.

SerialWatch's features include:

  • Ability to record details about personal effects.

  • Password protection of these details

  • Calculation of value and purchase price of items in any category

  • Palm Hotsync conduit for MS Windows to transfer these records back to the desktop for safe keeping and printout if required.

  • Sorting of items by either Make or Item.

  • Easy navigation of item records.

  • Backup and recovery of the item records during the HotSync process.

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