Purchasing SerialWatch

You can purchase SerialWatch using credit card over the Internet from PalmGear, alternately you can phone or fax orders to the numbers below.  After purchase you will be issued with a registration key to unlock all the features of SerialWatch.  This is described at the bottom of this page.

Purchasing SerialWatch will entitle you to 12 months of free upgrades and 3 months free email support. 

Option Choose here
From Esellerate Purchase from ESellerate
From PalmGear (if you saw it here first) Purchase from PalmGear
Telephone Phone Details
Fax Fax Form and Details

Enter the Registration Key from the SerialWatch (item list) screen by choosing the Menu Options then Registration Key.  Tap OK and you will receive confirmation that the key has been stored.

IMPORTANT:  Keep your registration key in a safe place; you may need it if you need to recover SerialWatch from backup.  You may also need it for technical support and to obtaining upgrades.