WardWatch Datasheet

WardWatch has been designed specifically for the Palm Organizers to aid medical staff involved in ward rounds. It is intended to record investigations, medications and dosages, and consultations that are requested by the senior Consultant (Specialist) or Registrar during Ward round examinations and to record the results of these investigations for recall in later rounds.

WardWatch consists of a application which runs on the PalmOS and an optional desktop companion. The desktop companion provides full access to the patient records on a windows based PC. When purchasing WardWatch there is the option to purchase the palm application (WardWatch Standard) or both the palm app and the desktop companion (WardWatch Deluxe).

 WardWatch Palm Application Features 
(WardWatch Standard & Deluxe)

  • Ability to record basic patient details: name, hospital record number, DoB, sex, admission date, ward, room and bed, consultant, notes, diagnosis, and allergies.
  • Automatic calculation of patients' age that also caters for Paediatrics.
  • Patient List displaying either Consultant, Record Number, Diagnosis, Category, Ward, or Bed 
  • Easy tracking of patient records with the ability to group and order records by various methods, including ward, consultant (specialist), record number and others.
  • Tracking of patient investigations, medications, lab results, notes, and consultations, with the ability to mark the status and results of each these events. Icons are used to quickly identify the category and status of events.
  • Sorting of patient events, including the generation of "to do" lists.
  • Transfer of patient records to other Palm Organizers using infrared beaming.
  • Infrared printing of patient records and "to do" list using Stevens Creek PalmPrint.
  • Password protection for patient privacy.
  • Runs on PalmOS 2.0/3.0/4.0/5.0 including PalmOne Treo650/600

 WardWatch Desktop Companion  
 (WardWatch Deluxe)

  • Hotsync of patient and event records with Windows desktop companion
  • Patient view or event view
  • Rapid creation, modification and deletion of patient and patient records information on desktop.
  • Sorting of patient records on any field headers; name, age, sex, MRN, bed, ward, and consultant, and diagnosis.
  • Search function for searching for a patient's record.
  • Printing of selected patients and events to desktop printer.
  • Import and export of patient records to flat files for archive and exchange (new in v3.1)
  • Requires Windows 98/Me/NT4/2K/XP and Palm Desktop 3.0 or greater

If you wish to purchase both WardWatch Palm Application and the Desktop companion.  Make sure you purchase WardWatch Deluxe

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