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    17-Feb-04 by Michael Brooks
This program is by far the easiest to use of any patient tracking software I have tried. It is the only one that I've kept using for more than a week. It has a streamlined patient entry screen and keeps information entry to only the necessary. I have been using it for close to 2 years and wouldn't want to be without it.

23-Feb-03 by Douglas McDonald
I have had a chance to try the demo for a couple of days, and I am thoroughly impressed. There are several patient tracking applications on the market, but none I have tried were as simple, flexible, and stable as WardWatch. As a consulting Clinical Psychologist, WardWatch will allow me to easily keep track of patients I see during rounds in my catchement area.Thus far, I can think of only two features that I would like to see added. First, it would be nice to have support for the higher resolution devices such as my Clie' NX70. Second, it would be handy to have additional options for reporting and printing from the desktop application. Neither of these are critical, however, and I highly recommend this product.

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ectopic brainKent Willard, January 2002

My favorite patient tracking application, WardWatch, has just been updated. The latest version (ver. 2.5) features a significantly improved user interface, a "PatientInfo" popup for fast access to crucial patient information on patient screens, password protection of patient records (very important if you're concerned about HIPAA and don't want to hassle with having to password-protect your entire Palm), the ability to delete entire categories of patient records, context specific autofill for event types, and improved data entry and patient sorting....

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Rating: Robert Miller, M.D.

Summary:WardWatch is a niche product, aimed specifically at hospital-based physicians and students. Its most attractive features are its relative ease of use, low cost, and some of its customizable fields. Its beaming capabilities should make it particularly attractive to housestaff who need to exchange patient information efficiently at the time of patient sign out.

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    Great for Individual and Group practices and getting better  
Leon Schwechter from Long Island, New York, August 28, 1999

I have been using this program in my practice now for several months. Once you get used to it, you can't live without it. It's great for signout to your associates with all the info a beam away.

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22-Mar-99 by Christopher Gitzelmann

Excellent help for tracking patients on the ward. The author has come up with a brilliant program with a nice graphical interface and some very clever programming. Lets you keep track of patients, tests and todos using a nice timeline aided by icons for each subject. This is the type of program any resident or registrar needs and has probably been looking for. The program is easy to understand and reduces information to the neccessary (who has time for more?)Customization also available.